Virtual Lark and New “News”


Virtual Lark Week was amazing! It was wonderful to see familiar faces at the happy hours and sessions. We hope experienced Larkies enjoyed themselves – and if you’ve never been to Lark Camp, we hope your virtual taste of it inspires you to be there in person someday!
If you attended any of the free workshops, you’ll know why we’re so proud of our instructors. Marla Fibish, Scott Gifford, Briana Di Mara, Aharon Wheels Bolsta, Tim Rued, Colin Cotter, Maldon Meehan, Emilio Davalos, Darcy Noonan, Natalie Nayun, Mark Bell, Kevin Carr, Rebecca King, Preston Howard Wilde, and Summer McCall were all on deck for virtual teaching – and they’re only 15 of the many musicians and dancers who teach at camp every year. If you missed our Virtual Lark Week or want to hear something again, head over to the Lark Cabaret YouTube channel to watch the evening concerts. (Workshops and daytime happenings on Zoom were not recorded.) We’re considering hosting more online events this winter for Lark campers, and to give potential campers a taste of Lark.

The LTA Board offers special thanks to the folks that made the Virtual Lark experience possible: Summer McCall, Simon Lace, Will Wheeler, Danese Cooper, Larry Walsh, Andy Doerr, Maxine Meltzer, and Celia Ramsay. Many thanks also go to Jack Gilder for the special edition shirt, which, by the way, you can still order in a variety of styles!


If you miss a Lark newsletter, you can now catch up on the latest on our new News page. Will Wheeler – LTA’s board president – will also include his own Message from the President when he has something to share (e.g., resources for BIPOC information). Be sure to check it out!


Join us for the next cabaret, airing at 7 pm Pacific time on Friday, October 9. This Virtual Cabaret will have performances from Sinan Erdemsel, Wael Kakish, Wade Evans, Ernie Fischbach, Marina Zekley, and Lila Burns, plus some cool food videos from the Lark Camp Kitchen folks. You can view it onFacebook, or on theLark Cabaret YouTube channel, and as always, you’ll have the optoin of adding a tip for the performers. 

CABARET #4: We’re already making plans for our fourth Cabaret in November, and would especially love any footage you might share of Camp 4 – The Bus. There’s still space if you’d like to apply to perform, tell a story, or even a joke!Get the application form.

LARK 2021

Will Lark Camp happen in person next year? Fingers crossed, it will. In the meantime, we’re rolling up our sleeves and getting to work now, as we normally do in September. We’re moving optimistically forward, but in such a way that if we have to skip another Lark, we’ll be able to transition to another virtual summer without difficulty. 
Registration for Lark 2021 will open in mid-January, not in November as it usually does. Be sure to keep July 30 – August 7 open on your calendar!