Registration Info

Here is what you need to know about camp costs and payments, camping options, and meals for Lark Camp. (Prices vary from year to year.) You’ll also find information about transportation and parking.

Full or Half Camp? Information for 2024!

Full camp is eight nights. Half camp is the first four nights or the last four nights of camp. Most workshops run the full length of camp, so half-campers will be taking partial workshops.

  • Full camp begins Friday, July 26, at 3 pm and ends Saturday, August 3, at 9 am.
  • First-half camp begins Friday, July 26, at 3 pm and ends before noon on Tuesday, July 30.
  • Second-half camp begins at noon on Tuesday, July 30, and ends August 3 at 9 am.

Lark Camp COVID requirements for 2024

Campers have two options for meeting Lark Camp’s COVID requirements. You may, 1) provide proof of the most recent recommended COVID booster for your age and circumstances, OR 2) provide proof of a negative COVID test taken within 48 HOURS OF CAMP. If you choose the first option, first register for camp, and then email a current QR code or scan/copy of your paper card to The QR Code can be acquired from the State of California: If you choose the second option, you will email a photo of your negative test to within 48 hours of camp.

Everyone attending will be currently vaccinated or have a negative COVID test just before camp arrival. Everyone comes at their own risk. Updates based on CDC recommendations may be sent out shortly before camp.

Tuition for 2024

“Tuition” includes all costs associated with Lark Camp’s rental of the State Park for a week (per person lodging fee, shuttle service, portable toilets, etc.), plus the ability to attend as many workshops as you like. It does NOT include your meals (see MEALS below).

  • Adults, full camp $846half camp $624
  • Youth, full camp $592half camp $446

CHILDREN: The Youth price is for ages 5 – 17. Children age 4 and under are free, but may not take up a separate cabin bed. 

GUARDIANS & MINORS: Minors (anyone under 18) must attend Lark Camp with a parent or guardian who is at least 21 years old. Special paperwork is required for minors who attend with a guardian rather than a parent or legal guardian. It must be filled out by the parent, guardian, and minor and returned to Lark Camp by July 1, or the minor’s registration will be canceled with no refund.

Deposits, Discounts, & Payments

DEPOSITS: You may pay either the full registration fee or a 50% deposit to reserve your place at camp. (50% of full registration fee—the amount of deposit—is nonrefundable.) If the balance is not paid in full and POSTMARKED by June 20, the deposit is forfeited. Any payment to Lark for food or the balance of camp fees is nonrefundable after June 20. Sorry—no exceptions. 

PLEASE CONSIDER PURCHASING THIRD-PARTY TRIP INSURANCE IF SOMETHING COULD PREVENT YOUR ATTENDANCE. We cannot give out names from the Lark waiting list. You cannot sell the deposit to any other camper, and it cannot be applied to make up the balance on another deposit for a friend or family member. Deposits cannot carry over to the following year.

PAYMENTS: After you register online (, you’ll be instructed to pay via credit card or PayPal, or you may pay by check; the mailed check payment must be received within two weeks of registering or your registration will be canceled.

Tuition balances due must be POSTMARKED by June 20 or your deposit is forfeited.

Meal Pricing for 2024

Meals are not included in the registration fee. You can pay for them when you register, or when paying your balance.

Meal plans must be paid in full NO LATER THAN JUNE 20. We cannot accept partial payments. Food prices include sales tax.

“Full Camp” meals includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. “Dinners Only” is another option. Meal plans offer a significant savings. You may buy individual meals at camp instead of buying a meal ticket, but it costs more! We offer Vegetarian, Vegan, and Non-vegetarian options.

  • Adult Full Camp – $505
  • Youth (17 and under) Full Camp – $380
  • Adult Full Camp – Dinners Only – $276
  • Youth Full Camp – Dinners Only – $202
  • Adult Half Camp – $268 (no Dinners Only option)
  • Youth Half Camp – $192 (no Dinners Only option)

IMPORTANT NOTE: You may only cook if you’re camping in a vehicle with a built-in kitchen. NO portable white gas or propane stoves or lanterns are allowed in the park. NO cooking is allowed in cabins. These are State Park fire rules; if you break them, you’ll pay a $250 fine and be ejected from the campground!

The kitchens in Camp 1 and Camp 2 offer a similar menu and serve three meals a day. If you stay in Camp 1, your meals will be there. If you stay in Camp 2, your meals will be there. If you stay in Camp 3, you’ll be scheduled for meals in either Camp 1 or Camp 2 – NO CAMPER MEALS ARE SERVED IN CAMP 3; no exceptions. The Camp 3 kitchen is used exclusively as a bakery for the coffeehouses.

If you want to have dinner in another camp, you can make arrangements with the kitchen at breakfast. You can eat lunch in either camp without special arrangement.

  • CAMP 1 has a kitchen and coffeehouse. 
  • CAMP 2 has a kitchen and coffeehouse. 
  • CAMP 3 has a coffeehouse. 

COFFEEHOUSE FARE: At each meal, you’ll receive a ticket for a single free hot or cold beverage, redeemable at any coffeehouse. You can also buy additional beverages and delicious snacks at the coffeehouses. 

Facilities Info


CABINS: All cabins and tent-cabins are equipped with cots and mattresses, but no bedding. When registering, you may request sharing a cabin with friends, and we will try to accommodate you.

  • CAMP 1 has 46 four-bed cabins with a closet and a balcony. They’re clustered in three groups, with a hot-water shower/toilet building for each group.
  • CAMP 2 has 34 four-bed cabins with a closet. They’re clustered in four groups, with a cold-water toilet facility for each group. A hot-water shower/bathroom building is centrally located.
  • CAMP 3 has 16 four-bed tent-cabins with wooden floors and a canvas tent over a wooden frame. They’re clustered in three groups, with a cold-water toilet facility for each group. A hot-water shower/bathroom building is centrally located. 

TENT CAMPING: Designated tent camping areas in each camp allow a strictly limited number of tents that we cannot exceed. NO tent camping is allowed in any other areas. All tenting is pre-assigned. Due to limited space, tents with more than one person may be given higher priority.   

When registering, you may request tent camping by area in a certain camp, and we will try to accommodate you. If the camping area you request isn’t available, we’ll assign you space as close as possible to your requested area. 

VEHICLE CAMPING: Each camp has limited, designated space for camping vehicles. You must camp in your vehicle: tents attached to vehicles are not allowed. If there’s no space for your camping vehicle in the requested camp, you’ll be assigned to one of the other two camps. Due to limited space, vehicles with more than one person may be given higher priority. 

TRAILER CAMPING: All trailers must be pre-approved. If your vehicle is over 20 feet long, please email us for space availability and surcharge rates: No hookups are available, and tow vehicles cannot be parked with your trailer. A vehicle with trailer is considered multiple vehicles and requires more than one parking pass. (see Parking & Carpooling)

Camp Descriptions

There are three separate camps in the Mendocino Woodlands State Park that are connected by a well-maintained, unpaved, single-lane road with passing places. The distance between Camps One and Three (Camp Three was added between the first two camps) is about a mile; there’s less than a quarter mile between Camps Three and Two.

CAMP 1 has 3 areas: Area A – the Meadow, Area B – below the Lower Road from near the meadow to below the lower dance floor, Area C – Lower Gate

IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT CAMP ONE, TENT AREA A (THE MEADOW): Only tents with lightweight frames are allowed. No vehicle camping! This is the designated emergency helicopter landing area for the Mendocino Woodlands. In the unlikely event of a medical air evacuation, it has to be cleared. Available campers must pull all tents and their contents to the side of the Meadow within 15 minutes.

CAMP 2 has 5 areas: Area D – by Cabin 27, Area E – by Outdoor Dance Floor (NOTE: late-night dancing there = noise), Area F – by Cabin 26, Area G – by Dance Hall, Area H – near the Dam 

CAMP 3 has 4 areas: Area I – in the Grove, Area J – in Camp Three Meadow (NOTE: late-night dancing there = noise), Area K – by Parking Lot, Area L – near Long-Term Parking 

Transportation at Camp

Shuttle buses run between camps from 8 am to 3 am. Bicycling (your own bike) between camps is an encouraged alternative. Driving between camps is not permitted. If you have to make frequent trips to town, you’ll be parked in an area that doesn’t require driving through camp. Click Here for the printable shuttle schedule.

Parking, Parking Passes, and Carpooling

If you are not camping in your vehicle, it must go to long-term parking in Camp Three. Parking passes are required for all vehicles and can be pre-purchased at a discounted price, prior to camp. 

If you do not pre-purchase a parking pass, you will need to purchase one at full price (cash only) when you arrive at camp. If you pre-purchase a parking pass and then do not bring a vehicle, contact us after camp for a refund.

Carpooling is highly encouraged to keep cars at camp to a minimum.


  • You can pre-purchase a parking pass for $75; you’ll receive your parking pass when you arrive at camp.
  • You can buy a parking pass when you arrive at camp for $95 in cash (NO credit cards accepted at camp).

ALL vehicles and trailers must have a parking pass.

Mendocino Woodlands vehicle requirements: If you have a car AND a trailer, you will need two (2) parking passes. If your vehicle, or combined vehicle and trailer, is over 20 feet long, call before you register to make sure space is available: (707) 397-5275.