Message from Will Wheeler, Lark Code of Conduct, BIPOC Resources


Dear Larkies,

As president of Lark Traditional Arts, one of my primary goals is to be honest and open about what LTA and camp leadership is thinking. This will allow you, the Lark Community, to trust us and hold us responsible if we stray from our mission. More transparency should also make it easier for the whole community to participate by giving you a better idea of where your particular talents can be of use. 

To that end, I’m committed to:

  1. Writing a monthly article to report what the board and camp leadership is working on.
  2. Writing the story of what it took to get to this point and what our thought process has been.

Both will be published in a “News” section on the Lark Camp website. We’ll let you know how to find this resource in our next newsletter and on the Facebook page.

Sincerely yours, 

Will Wheeler


Did you know that we have a new code of conduct for Lark Camp? Since the formation of Lark Traditional Arts, there are several things the board has accomplished: creation of the code, and the formation of an Ombuds Committee to receive, investigate, and resolve all complaints of harassment that arise. LTA does not tolerate harassment of anyone for any reason at camp, in our online spaces, or during any other LTA-sponsored event. Anyone who experiences harassment during an LTA event should contact the Ombuds Committee. The committee will keep all information received confidential, and take any and all actions deemed appropriate to ensure the safety and integrity of our participants. Read the LTA Code of Conduct


In support of our June newsletter statement about BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) and the Black Lives Matter movement, LTA board members and Lark campers have been contributing to a list of resources for anyone interested in learning more. The page is under construction, but you can view it as a work in progress. If you have other resources you think should be included, send your suggestions to Will Wheeler, our LTA board president.