Virtual Cabaret #3 and beyond

The theme of our third Virtual Cabaret? Camp Three! Enjoy performances by Wael Kakish, David Brown (with Johnny Quest), Sinan Erdemsel, Wade Evans, Ernie Fischbach (with Melissa Fischbach), and Marina Zekley and Lila Burns at 7 pm on Friday, October 9. Between performances, we’ll reveal the recipe and instructions for making Nanaimo Bars, a Lark Camp coffeehouse treat, and Maxine Meltzer’s puppets will make an appearance. Tune in via the Lark Camp Facebook Group or YouTube channel.

We’re already planning Virtual Cabaret #4, focusing on – you guessed it – Camp Four: The Bus. Do you have any fun footage you’d like us to include? Or maybe you have a bus-related song, joke, or story you acquired while riding the bus that you’d like to pre-record for the show. If so, here’s the form for your submission.

LARK 2021
As mentioned in our last newsletter, we’re moving optimistically forward toward Lark 2021, but in such a way that if we have to skip another Lark, we’ll be set up for an easy transition to a virtual summer. Be sure to keep July 30 – August 7 open on your calendar! PLEASE NOTE: Registration for Lark 2021 will open in mid-January, not in November as it usually does. 

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