RESULTS: COVID Survey for Lark Camp 2023

We’d like to share the results of the survey about camper preferences for vaccination requirements. They say “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” so we’ve included the pie chart below, but here are the responses in brief: 348 (100%) total responses, 148 (42.5%) will attend only if we require a vaccination, 45 (12.9%) will not attend if we require a vaccination, 155 (44.6%) will attend in either case. We are expecting a decline in attendance due to the three-year hiatus for in-person camp; that will have a financial impact. The survey results tell us that in order to sustain camp for the years ahead, we need to follow the needs of the many. A lot of time and thought have gone into this decision, and it’s the one way we can ensure our beloved Lark Camp continues on…beyond the pandemic, when we can all gather regardless of vaccination status.
What this means exactly is uncertain. We don’t have details about the situation eight months from now, but we will require proof of vaccination and will follow the recommendations of the CDC at the time of camp. When you register for camp, you’ll be asked to send a copy of your vaccination card(s) or your QR code from the State of California. If you’d like to get your California QR Code, simply go to this website and follow the instructions. If you’re from another state, you’ll need to search for “[name of state] vaccine record” to find out what’s available.