August Online Workshops – what’s different?

Five full days of workshops/three breakout “classrooms” – that’s two more days, starting Wednesday and running through Sunday, and five more full workshops per day.
An extra session! Campers reported they loved the live sessions in February, so we’re offering an additional session each day (more variety!) in lieu of having pre-recorded concerts.
Special short workshops! Check out the workshops on the schedule at 4pm. Instead of running for a full week, these run only one or two days, providing a taste of some interesting topics such as Common & Uncommon Banjo Tunings, Balkan Rhythms for the Balkan-Curious, Gaita Ornamentation, and Mariachi & Traditional Sones of MexicoCheck the schedule to see them all!

Lark Camp Year-Round Swap Meet
You read that right – the Lark Camp Swap Meet is now year-round on Facebook. We invite you to join the Facebook group (you’ll be approved by an administrator) to buy and sell musical instruments, handmade wares, and more. Please post only items you think Lark Campers will buy. (Sell your banjo, not your refrigerator or broken vehicle.) All sales and shipping logistics must be arranged between buyer and seller – Lark Camp, Lark Traditional Arts, and the Swap Meet group admins will moderate, but are not responsible for the selling or condition of items posted. Have a look!