August 4 – 8 Online Workshops

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TEST THE WATER WITH OUR SHORT WORKSHOPS: Are you curious about “uneven” Balkan rhythms or wonder what folks are talking about when they discuss “other tunings” for banjo? Our instructors offer some interesting short workshops!

DIVE DEEPER WITH FULL FIVE-DAY WORKSHOPS: Write your first song, learn beginning ukulele or Middle Eastern dance. Try improv, Irish Sean Nos dancing, or learn some Swedish tunes. See which full workshops are right for you!

Build a Tubulum with Wayne Hill
Kids of any age will be able to build their own tubulum in Wayne’s five-day workshop. A tubulum is a tonal percussion instrument built out of PVC pipe. Here is an example of how they sound. The one you’ll build with Wayne will be simpler – a six-pipe “A minor” pentatonic version, with an option to convert to a “D minor” pentatonic version. Wayne will also provide info for anyone ambitious enough to want to build a single or multiple octave chromatic version.

Wayne’s expenses for his prototype totaled about $120. Adult supervision is recommended for younger kids. You must buy your own materials in advance to be ready for the workshop, so here is a list of the parts you’ll need:

Two 1-1/2 inch by 10 foot PVC pipe schedule 40
Two 2 inch by 10 foot ABS pipe           
Two 1-1/2 inch PVC 90 degree elbows     
Four 1-1/2 inch PVC Tee                 
Twelve 2 inch ABS 90 degree elbows        
Twelve 2 inch galvanized pipe straps         
One ABS glue 8 oz. cement medium black                 
One PVC glue 8 oz cement clear                          
One 2 inch Husky ratcheting PVC cutter (or try this one: