No In-Person Lark Camp Until 2022

Yes, that’s our sad news. Lark Camp will not be held in person in 2021, and here’s why: The Woodlands is struggling to understand what kinds of limitations the State of California will require. We may have to severely limit the number of campers (possibly to as few as 50 people per camp), and it’s not clear how we’d be allowed to interact in the dining and dance halls. Would we have to wear masks and maintain distance indoors? A “pared down,” COVID-safe version of camp would be so unsatisfying. We just can’t imagine a Lark Camp where we can’t gather freely, dance with abandon, and feel safe hugging each other.

Fortunately, we’re financially stable and confident about the future of Lark Camp. If there is a silver lining to the pandemic clouds, it’s that we’ve had more time to work behind the scenes to improve our website and registration system, and to produce the Cabarets and Virtual Larks. And you never know…we may have other surprises!

So put Lark 2022 (July 29 to August 6) on your calendars, and plan on attending an even better Virtual Lark Camp in 2021 during the week we’d ordinarily gather among the redwood trees of the Mendocino Woodlands.