Sue Williard

Sue met international folk dancing at the tender age of 16, and has been inextricably in love with Balkan music, singing, and dancing ever since. Sue began teaching as soon as she could do a few dances, because no one should have to live a life devoid of the joy of folk dancing. She loves to teach dancing as much as she loves to dance, and continues to teach whenever possible (and sometimes when it is impossible, as well).

Sue has studied Balkan and international dance and song with many teachers all over the United States and Europe. She has been a member of four performing groups, and has taught Balkan dance to school groups, dance camps, recreational dance groups, senior citizens, ranch hands, and people waiting for public transportation. She currently teaches Balkan dance for several dance groups in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been the Balkan Dance teacher at Lark Camp since 1997.