Russ Landers & Sarah Noll

Russ Landers plays and teaches traditional music from Zimbabwe on marimba, mbira (metal keyboard), chipendani (mouth bow), and ngoma (drums). For over 37 years, he has studied with numerous masters of mbira and Zimbabwean marimba in the US, and on extended trips to Zimbabwe. He is a lead musician for Chinyakare Music and Dance Ensemble of Oakland, performing locally and throughout the western U.S. Many hundreds of people have enjoyed playing in his classes and workshops at schools, festivals and camps. He is the founder of The Chipendani Project to support traditional artists in developing countries.

The metal-keyed mbira and the mouthbow chipendani are ancient instruments of Zimbabwe used to play hypnotic polyrhythmic compositions for meditation, healing and celebration. Russ is available to teach lessons on the mbira upon request – get in touch with Russ at camp if you are interested. Bring your own mbira, or Russ will bring a few you can borrow during camp as well.