Pam Laughlin

Pam has been playing clarinet for over 70 years but still finds it to be a huge source of comfort and delight. Growing up in a musical family she was surrounded by the sounds of Western Swing, as well as Big Band music. It wasn’t until she went to Lark Camp that she first discovered the ethereal beauty and thrill of Brazilian Choro and is excited to come back to Lark once again to share in the joy of music of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s from around the world. She has been performing swing, choro and jazz manouche with her husband, Robert, for many years and has performed at Djangofest with Jimmy Grant and David Grisman (joining us in our encore), World Music Festival performing with her band, Mama’s Hotcakes, and Strawberry Music Festival performing with Sourdough Slim, as well as being on stage and recording with Joe Craven.