Olga Kirk

Born in A Coruña (Galicia), Olga has a degree in English Philology from the University of A Coruña. She is a singer and dancer of traditional music and is well known in Galicia. From a very young age she has been deeply involved in the work of ethnographic field research, especially on traditional music and dance. She is currently focused on the music of Galicia, dedicating herself professionally to teaching it since 2000, and she has been the director of the DONAIRE association.

Olga plays the pandeireta and other percussion instruments such as tamboril and bombo. She plays the diatonic accordion, and of course—she sings! Over the years she has collaborated and is part of several groups that include Ruote, Pablo Díaz Band, Canto DONAIRE, Sisters in the House, and she regularly collaborates with Nova Galega De Danza where she teaches traditional dances for their productions.

Olga has unpublished repertoire in dance as a result of her
field compilation work. She can teach: Os Maneos (typical dance from northeastern Galicia), Muiñeiras, typical Galician pasodobres, danzas, maurca picada, esparaván, chotis solto, as well as Galician percussion and pandeireta.