Leslie & Michael Hubbert

Leslie Hubbert plays guitar, accordion, mandolin, and hand percussion.  She has been playing for dances, and dance classes, for more than three decades. She has played in various bands, including Kasmendotche, Girls’ Night Out, Los Piratas del Caribe, and the Deep End Woogie Review. She has taught Cuban & Puerto Rican songs, as well as children’s songs, in English and in Spanish,  at Sierra Music & Arts Festival, Occidental World Music & Dance Festival, and at Lark in the Morning. She has been collecting and playing Cuban & Puerto Rican music for 25 years.  She & her husband Michael, also perform as a duo, playing a wide range of music from Latin styles to Italian cafe music. 

Michael has been studying and playing various types of folk/ethnic music for 60 years. He attended the very first Lark Camp back in 1980, when he was part of the famous duo “Mooncoin”, with Mickie Zekley.  In the ‘80s he began exploring Puerto Rican and Cuban music and playing the Puerto Rican cuatro.  He played for 10 years with “Mambo This”,  and with “Los Piratas del Caribe”. Over the past 20 years, he has taught Cuban & Puerto Rican songs at Lark Camp, Sierra Music & Arts Festival, and Sommermusikfest in Germany.  Michael & Leslie have traveled to Cuba, where they enjoyed playing the music they have been collecting for the past 25 years with some of the locals in Santiago de Cuba, the cradle of Cuban Son. Michael is also a musical instrument maker and restorer, of both string and woodwind instruments.