John Skelton

London born John Skelton is probably best known for his work with The House Band with whom he toured internationally for many years. He has become one of the most sought after flute and whistle teachers in the US and teaches at all the major summer schools and Irish music weekends throughout North America, including Swannanoa Gathering and Lark Camp. He now lives in Kentucky.

John is the compiler of a series of tune collection books, A Few Tunes, A Few More Tunes, Yet More Tunes and Some Breton Tunes. He has performed at most of the major folk festivals in North America, Europe and Australia, and is an experienced and influential teacher. In addition to his background in Irish music, John is also well-schooled in the music of Brittany. He visits there regularly, and is a highly-regarded player of the Breton bombarde, a double-reed shawm. NPR’s ‘Thistle and Shamrock’ described him as ‘the finest bombarde player outside of Brittany.’ John also plays the ‘Piston’ (low bombarde), the ‘Veuze’ (the bagpipe of eastern Brittany) and the ‘Gaita Gallega’ (Galician pipes).