Greg Jenkins

Professional musician and educator, Gregory Masaki Jenkins, is known for his passionate expression of Balkan music with clarinet, alto saxophone, and voice. He was exposed to the music when his parents brought him to Balkan Camp in Mendocino at age thirteen. Five years later, he became an instructor there, directing Kids Band from 2001-2015, also teaching at balkanalia!, Kolo Festival, and Zambaleta. He has been teaching at Lark Camp since 2015.

Greg’s teachers from Balkan Camp include Christos Govetas (Greek singing), Michael Ginsburg (Balkan Brass), and George Chittenden (clarinet), while his travels to the Balkans have led him to meet and study with some of the world’s greatest Balkan musicians including lessons with Nikos Filippidis, Dzambo Agusev, and a week with saxophone legend Ferus Mustafov. Greg directs the Balkan brass band Fanfare Zambaleta and performs with Agapi Mou, Disciples of Markos, Helios Greek Band, Istanbul Connection, and many more!