Aaron Hendel

Aaron’s experience with bass began in 1986 with private lessons from Sonoma County’s premier bassist, Piki Chappelle. Those lessons focused on technique and theory, but he expanded into jazz theory, improv and composition with Bennett Friedman at the Santa Rosa Junior College. Aaron likes to joke that he also studied indirectly with Mel Graves of Sonoma State University, because Aaron’s best friend (who actually did the studying) spent most nights discussing the notes from the daily lectures with Aaron. 

Since 2005, Aaron has been giving private lessons as his day job through Live Music Center, in Vacaville, California. In 2019 – before COVID made it unsafe – he performed over 100 gigs with many groups that include One Eyed Reilly, The High Card Drifters, The Thruppity Uprights (aka the Newcastle Waites, aka The Bruno Band). Aaron is well-versed in jazz, blues, rock, and country music, and over time has added Irish, French, English, Scandinavian, Eastern European, Bluegrass, Big Band, and Swing styles to his repertoire!