Virtual Lark Week

Join us August 3 – 7 for special Lark Week events – next week when we would have been at camp! REGISTER HERE FOR LARK WEEK –  FOR FREE to enjoy events each of the five days. Each day will include a combination of Zoom meetings and pre-recorded concerts:

  • Three virtual workshops via Zoom (yes – each day!)
  • Zoom Happy Hours with fellow Larkies
  • One hour performances by Lark instructors and campers
  • One hour Zoom Jam Sessions
  • Virtual Swap Meet on Wednesday – Use this link to the Swap Meet page Facebook on Wednesday, August 5 starting at 10:00am (ends Friday).
  • Friday Night Open Mic for all participants: Sign up for the open mic here – space is limited!

To prevent “Zoom-bombing”, individuals or households that wish to participate in Lark Week workshops, happy hour, and sessions must register using this form – registration is FREE and open to all. Once you have registered, you’ll receive an email with information on how to join us! 

If you miss one of the performances (sorry – this doesn’t include the Zoom events), you’ll be able to view them on the Lark Camp Cabaret YouTube channel. We’ll cheerfully accept your donations to Lark Traditional Arts to help us recoup costs. 

Can’t see the schedule? Click Here

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Jack Gilder has been creating wonderfully quirky shirts for Lark Camp for many years. We asked him to create a shirt for this summer, jokingly called the “plague-edition” shirt (or the “Corona-Lark shirt, as Jack likes to call it). 

For the 2020 shirt, Jack collaborated with a wonderful illustrator and fellow Larkie, Kelle DeForrest. Kelle has come to Lark Camp a couple of times, and Jack knows her from Irish set dances at the Plough & Stars in San Francisco. She was just recently hired to be an illustrator for Disney and she does lovely work. 

Here’s her wonderful illustration and Jack’s design for the special shirt:

We usually bulk-order shirts in quantities and sizes based on pre-camp orders. But this time, we’re investigating something new: a POD (Print on Demand) company called CafePress. CafePress prints shirts to fill your order – so we won’t run out of your size or choice of shirt. 

The shirts cost a bit more than if you picked them up at camp, because the POD company does it all: you pay for the shirt, the printing, and the shipping, plus a bit of markup for the use of the online store. You can also order or reorder more shirts whenever you want. If all goes well, we’d like to add Jack’s other shirt designs from past years to our store so you can order your favorites or collect them all!


  1. Visit our private shop on CafePress. (NOTE: you cannot find a private shop by searching on CafePress – use the link.)
  2. Click on the design image.
  3. Order from several different styles (including a kid’s T-shirt – the last choice for $19.99).