Ty Rust

Ty Rust is a freelance tuba player and multi-instrumentalist who works in Southern California. He attended UCSD and CalArts and studied the ever-so-useful areas of composition and avant garde tuba playing. Ty actually ended up performing a spectrum of music; from Classical and Renaissance western music, to Jewish and Balkan ethnic gigs, learning along the way from senior musicians in each field. He has performed with Los Angeles’s Ellis Island Kapelye, Balkan dance companies AVAZ and Karpatok, as well as his own groups West Coast Klezmer and Rakia Brass Band. In 1990, Ty was privileged to attend the famous brass band festival in Guca, Serbia.
Ty has taught college classes in Music Technology and World Music, created a microtonal keyboard out of a Commodore 64 computer in the 1980’s, and been known to connect fruits and vegetables to synthesizers to serve as performance media.