Lily Storm

Lily Storm has been researching and performing Eastern European folk songs for almost three decades. A long-time member of Kitka Womens Vocal Ensemble, she has studied  and collaborated with many master singers in styles ranging from Ukrainian (Mariana Sadovska), Greek (Christos Govetas), Albanian (Merita Halili), Bulgarian (Kremena Stancheva, Tsvetanka Varimezova, and Donka Koleva), and Georgian (Carl Linich), among others. She has been invited to perform at festivals in Bulgaria and Greece, and has traveled extensively throughout the region, with extended stays in Budapest and Thessaloniki. She has taught music and singing to both adults and children for many years, and holds a Masters in Music, with an emphasis on Kodály Pedagogy. She has always been drawn to music as a source of beauty and connection: a way to access our own emotions and spirit, a bridge between people and cultures, and even a powerful hint as to the deeper nature of our reality.