Jason Adajian

Jason initially found his love for folk dancing during elementary school Square Dance afternoons. At age fifteen (while working at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire of California) he took up Scottish and
Irish ceilidh dancing, realizing that this jolly activity was a brilliant way to have a vibrant good time with other equally jolly characters. In his late teens he joined the Pipe & Bowl Morris Men and the Newcastle English Country Dancers, known worldwide for their athletic tempos and dynamic “mating dance” attitudes. He strongly believes that the earliest forms of these British ritual and social dances were along these vigorous lines, much as other dances of Western and Eastern Europe remain to this day, and he happily teaches in this “Bruno” style.

Still an active ritual dancer and accomplished dance musician, Jason is well-versed in several other folk dance forms and has taught Morris Dance, Longsword and English Country Dancing to adults and school children for over thirty years.