Christa Burch

Christa’s bodhrán drives the groove in concert halls and on dance floors across America. She tours extensively with the Syncopaths, and the dynamic Celtic trio, Molly’s Revenge. She has worked with keepers of the tradition such as Scottish fiddler Alasdair Fraser, Irish super-group, The David Munnelly Band, a capella duet Lintie, and nouveau-Celtic band Blackwaterside. Christa is also a Celtic singer to satisfy both purist as well as those who prefer a modern take on the tradition. She has taught at the California Traditional Music Society’s Solstice and Equinox Festivals, Lark Camp, BACDS American Week, Camp Kiya Music in the Mountains, and many contra dance festivals and weekends, lifting voices, feet, and hearts in harmony and rhythm.

Christa was once a professional archaeologist, and a professional ballet dancer. In her ‘previous lives’ Christa recovered and examined evidence of prehistoric, contact-era, and historic California and Scottish communities, and danced with a now-defunct regional ballet company. Her six-word biography would read: “Archaeologist, dancer; analyst, musician; what next?”