Aryeh Frankfurter

Aryeh Frankfurter’s  musical endeavors began at the age of three with classical training on the violin. He studied under various master violinists, including concert master of the Chicago Symphony. He earned a masters degree in philosophy, but discovered he was much happier playing the Celtic harp as a street performer than being an associate professor. For 20 years, Aryeh made his living performing on Celtic harp throughout California, the US and Europe.

Over time, he discovered his love for other music genres and taught himself to play a variety of instruments – including the Swedish Nyckelharpa. He was invited to perform at several major festivals in Sweden in the early 1990s, and immersed himself in Swedish and Nordic music. Aryeh works full time as a performer, soundtrack composer, and audio engineer. He has made 18 albums and written two books. He tours often – at times as a solo artist, and others with Lisa Lynne, Patrick Ball, New World String Project, and The Windham Hill Winter Solstice Concert series.