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Scottish Pipe Music Class:


There’s the link with videos for Millar’s Quickstep and The Fourth Floor on pipes and fiddle so you can choose which instrument is best for you to learn from. Also sheet music for The Fourth Floor. If you have any questions or are interested in private lessons feel free to get in touch with me at eliasalexandermusic@gmail.com. Enjoy!

Download Breton Session Sheet Music HERE!

Hi Folks, Sami Abu Shumays here, teaching Arabic Music at 2pm.  All skill levels are welcome, and we’ll mostly be using our voices, whatever instrument you play (feel free to bring your instruments)!

IRISH MUSIC CLASS - All tunes are posted, as well as a recording of the march into the reel.  Here’s the link to all class materials - recordings and transcriptions:  


Hi All!  Marla Fibish here - looking forward to our Irish Music Class at 1:00PM each day.  For our first meeting on Friday, we’re going to talk about reels and explore the tune Sporting Paddy. Hopefully you’ll have a bit of time to get familiar with the tune in advance of the workshop -- that way we can dig a bit deeper in our time together!  Saturday & Sunday tunes are now posted as well!

Click here for materials for Javi’s Jazz Manouche Class

OLD TIME CLASS (Brennish Thomson):

Here’s a link to Polly’s Mt. Kettle in both PDF and MP3: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/177HtO6O-mVnFx2pIQxnnpGfbJuQrDRSn

If you have any other questions, please send them to my email below. Thanks everyone who came! :)



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Greetings Larkies, here are the resource materials for the Streaming Audio Clinic:

The link to the slides we used in class is HERE   (this is the full deck I use for the six-week course)

The the link to Brian’s gear recommendations is HERE

And if anyone is interested, here is some research I did about how to play music with others in real-time over the internet with a very low delay HERE

And there is information about building a home studio HERE

Sheet Music - Lasse Leile Diu
Sheet Music - Reinlender av Bo i Ransätt
Sheet Music - Innersta Friden Melody (corrected bowings)
Sheet Music - Innersta Friden Harmony (corrected bowings)

Thanks so much for a lovely weekend!



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CASTILIAN Music & Song

5th Feb.

Jota del Girasol (María San Miguel)


A Part: ||: A / A / A D / A :||

B Part:     D / A / D / A

                D / A / D E / A

Habas de Bercero (Trad.) Here’s a beautiful version from the band “Vallarna”.


A Part: G / G / C / D

            G / G / C D / G

B Part: C / G / C / G

            C / G / C D / G

C Part: ||: G / G C^/ D / D G^ :||


6th Feb.

Song “Ahí viene la blanca flor” (Dm) (Trad.)

A part: Dm/ Dm / Dm/ Dm

            Dm/ Dm / Dm/ C / Bb / A / A //

B part: Dm / Dm / Dm / C / Bb / A / A //

Ahí viene la blanca flor, entre blancos algodones

Dicen que tiene la fama, de robar los corazones

Y al pasar el río tropecé en la rama

Se me ha caído el pañuelo y se lo ha llevado el agua

Y ahora ya no tengo pañuelo ni nada

Dicen que tienes que tienes, que tienes más de mil reales

Si los tienes guardalos, tus ojos solo los valen

Y al pasar el río tropecé en la rama

Se me ha caído el pañuelo y se lo ha llevado el agua

Y ahora ya no tengo pañuelo ni nada

Dice tu madre que tiene una reina para mí

Anda y ve dile a tu madre, que la reina está Madrid

Y al pasar el río tropecé en la rama

Se me ha caído el pañuelo y se lo ha llevado el agua

Y ahora ya no tengo pañuelo ni nada

Pandero cuadrado/Pandero de peñaparda (Square drumm):

-Traditional playing by old women from Peñaparda (Salamanca) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5uIBHVdcHKM 

-Iberian percussion orchestra COETUS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inhkig8V4zU 

6th Feb.

Danza de arcos (Burgos)

Dance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6gll6iOiSK0 


A)    G / G / D / G / G / G / D / G ://

B)    C / G / D / D / C / G / D / G ://

“La Musgaña” version: https://open.spotify.com/track/47zEDtnoHBhzVeh6wRnMnn?si=rOAR-GtRSjSFXSOARkCyqQ 

Greek Session Folks -

Here are the links to “Songs of the Cafe Aman”

Τραγουδια του Καφε Αμαν



Irish Sean Nós Singing with Amelia Hogan
notes and links to some of the songs we’ll be using.
3 PM PT, Sunday, Feb 7

Táimse im’ chodladh

Johnny and Molly

Gabhaim Molta Bride

Irish Traditional Music Archive | ITMA Link to the Archive resource. Note: it will help if you are searching for a particular thing, song, tune. The Curator/ Librarian, Alan Woods, is pretty friendly and very helpful if you call (or can visit safely) during their open hours.