WELCOME to Virtual Lark!

Hi all! Marla Fibish here. I’ll be teaching the Irish music class each day at 1:00. We’ll focus on one tune each of the three days – a simple one, so we can learn it quickly and still have time to explore it together and talk about style, phrasing, variation and ornamentation. It’s so much easier to learn a tune when you’ve had a chance to listen to it ahead of time. To that end, you’ll find recordings and transcriptions of the tunes here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LiRAufXEhflSReh0T69l7YXqC5zjj_vQ?usp=share_link

See you all soon!

Greetings from Celia Ramsay! I’m offering one-hour workshop in Room 2 at 1:00pm, where we'll discuss how to style songs to suit your voice. We'll discuss the importance of vocal range, how to learn and practice vocal ornaments, the importance of expressiveness, and how to serve the lyrics in songs you like to sing. See you there!