Are there folders for the Balkan and Scandi workshops?

The Scandi folder is posted in the Instructor Bulletin Board. You may need to refresh your browser to see it. It’s way down at the bottom.

7pm Greek Music Jam

List (includes YouTube link):

Lyrics will be posted after completion! Thanks!

For Marla’s wonderful 10a workshop this morning, the audio files for the tunes from the google drive she supplied will not open for me; I’ve made numerous attempts. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Diana McMc

Diana – Marla here – try downloading them first, then opening them.

She posted a new link at the top. Maybe also try reloading the page.

For the Brazilian Pandeiro class, I guess I would need to have or borrow one, right? Is this class progressive where the next class builds on the previous class? Or is it possible to jump in half way? Also for the Middle Eastern Rhythms and North Indian Music, what instruments will be used/demonstrated?  - SP

How about later workshops for people in Europe where it is at least 8 hours later (England)?

Please create and post a downloadable Workshop schedule.

If you already have, please help me; I could not find it.

Linda John

Linda- we do not currently have a downloadable schedule, but we can look into creating one. The schedule on the webpage is now set, so you could take a screenshot or print it.

It would be good to have some sessions/jams/singarounds earlier in the day (lunch time?) for participants in time zones far from the Pacific (I would need to be asleep when it is dinner time in the Pacific)


Philippa - There will be several breakout rooms open all day to accommodate pop up sessions/ jams/ singarounds. We do not have official plans for these, but would love to see people jump in and make it happen. You can post announcements on this bulletin board, and let the managers know so we can announce it in the main room as well!

Our friends in Europe and the Pacific did the time math backwards. The 10 AM classes start at 6 PM in London and the 6 PM sessions would start at 1 PM in New Zealand and 9 AM in Manila, for example.

Last February, I believe some of the workshops were recorded and made available after the festival was over.  Will some sessions be recorded this time, with presenter permission of course, for those in difficult time zones or who have conflicts?

Did rhythm sheets get posted from the Middle Eastern drumming workshops?