WELCOME to Virtual Lark!

Hi, Jan Kiley here. I cant grt into zoom. I registered a week ago.please send zoom link, password etc.



How do I get to the fire circle room?


Aloha!  Will Dani and Perry’s  Essential Ukulele Strumming be recorded for later viewing?  My uncle’s memorial service is occurring at the same time today, so I will have to miss the real-time lesson, but if it’s going to be recorded, I would be interested in viewing it later.  Thanks so much!  Lisa Jacobs, Oahu, Hawai’i


In the Ukulele folder the “Fingerstyle” folder is empty—if it is not empty I cannot see whatever it is that might be there. Help!


Hi Everybody,

The PDF for today’s fingerstyle blues class is now available here:





Hi I registered a bit late (this morning) but was hoping to attend a few of the workshops today.  Everyone is probably busy with the workshop but can someone send me the  zoom link.  Thanks. lindamcc2000@yahoo.com

~Thank you thank you!  I was able to attend a few of the workshops. I especially loved Amelia Hogan Irish singing!