2-10-21    Still looking for Pascal’s music -   Judy Meyers

Looking for the link to Pascal’s music still…

Cata Fitzgerald


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Session starting in Mulrooney’s Pub


I can see the drive link to the class materials, but don’t know where to find the links to the recordings.  


Becca Mandel


Hi folks,

Can I get a document of songs to the moderator of the Singing Session at 9:30 tonight, so that they can be on the Zoom shared screen?

~ Shay Black


Pascal Gemme said he would post notation to the tunes he taught. How do we access that, assuming he uploaded it?


Jim Garber


Sunday the 4pm Bruno Zoom session (which is usually in another part of the zoomerverse) will be held in the Bruno Camp breakout room at 4PM. English, French, Euro, & other rocking tunes.  Please drop in.

Some possible tunes can be found here:

This meme is nonsense.  There are only two skills involved playing the instrument and riding the unicycle. The rest are just purchased props.

I’m also looking for Pascal’s music -   as I have been on a daily basis.     So -      still looking and HOPING.        Thanks    Judy


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I see the box where some instructors have dropped music pdfs.  Will it be available after Virtual Lark”? I am missing 2 pieces of Amy’s.