If you are getting a “Meeting in Progress” message, or the host will let you in etc, then you need to try again with the link at the top of your email (not the bottom).

– The Virtual Lark Team

Hi  Is there anywhere
 I can get short writeups on what each workshop is about? If it’s geared to a specific instrument, etc.  thanks - Elaine

We don’t have any writeups, sorry about that!  Perhaps in the future events we’ll get those together. We try to keep the workshops instrument agnostic so that everyone feels welcome.

I miss you all. Gimme a shower room to clean, quick.  More magic!

Sawyer (camp 2)

Hello Sami. Looking forward to the Arab music workshop. Can you give a heads-up on what maqamat we’ll be covering.

Thanks, Steve.

Does old time session tonight include singers? STORM

All sessions are for ALL players, singers, and dancers. Only the session leaders will be unmuted, but we love to see everyone playing from home with whatever they have! - LTA

I can’t get in either, but mine says “waiting for the host to start the meeting” but is titled “Lark Camp Online 2021”. Did I get the wrong link? - Yes, there was a wrong link sent out in the bottom of one of the emails.  You should have received and updated link in an email with the subject “Virtual Lark 2022 - corrected zoom link”

I tried to enter the new link, but it says I’m not authorized. Is there anything else I could do? - Update: the not authorized problem should be solved now

Good morning, All.  Hoping this is the right place for this question.   Had a wonderful time at Pascal Gemme’s workshop.   I was not able to catch the names of the tunes he played and others he talked about.   Also, Pascal shared a link.   It would be very helpful and kind, if someone would be able to help me.   Many thanks!  Gigi    gigiweisman@gmail.com

Gigi - The tune Pascal tune that Pascal taught yesterday (Friday) was:

Une gigue de Madame Eugène Crothé

It is very similar to a tune La Bottine recorded as Reel du cordonnier (Cobbler's Reel), and it appears in the Airs Tordus book under that title (note that there are other unrelated tunes by that title).  Also closely related to Don Messer's Spud Island Breakdown (by Cecil McEachern), and recorded by many others (e.g. Graham Townsend, Tommy Doucet).

Thank you so much!  Be well. Gigi


Sunday morning, Feb 6,



Have been trying to log on for over 90 minutes, trying different links Lark has sent to me (ptommerup@juno.com).

The original link–which I had to get via Google docs–no longer works. Nor does the corrected link you folks sent out yesterday afternoon—the last time registered participants could not get logged in (due to being met with the same message I am getting now, “waiting for host”). And I have received no new messages in my email (ptommerup@juno.com) from Lark telling me the latest link to sign onto.

(continued below)

(continued from above)

I have been really enjoying the Castillian workshop which is about to start, & would really appreciate being able to sign into it again today!

To make matters even more worse, it is virtually impossible to figure out what Lark link to click for anything, since nothing is dated. There is no way (for example) to know which “Virtual Lark” link one is clicking on for the current “Virtual Lark” as opposed to the previous “Virtual Lark.” PLEASE DATE & DELETE OUT OF DATE LARK CAMP LINKS!!!


Sorry to sound frustrated, but the issue of incorrect links making it impossible to sign in seems to be a repeated pattern that is happening here.

Peter Tommerup