Open Greek Tent session tonight at midnight!

Change of plans. Thanks to Simon, it will be right here on the Zoom channel

Open Mic Set List:

UPDATER DATER: not youtube but mov link.

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UPDATE: Yay, just saw Darcy’s links (pdf and youtube) on the staff side of the bulletin board. Thanks, Darcy!

Hi all! I LOVED Darcy’s Irish workshop yesterday and the tune she taught, Mat Flanagan? Mack Flanagan? Something Lanagan? Name?). She mentioned the class was being recorded. When will that be available to view?  Thanks to all of you amazing organizers for this week!!!

The Tale of Mushkil Gusha will be told Tonight at 8PM on Zoom before the English/French/Euro session led by Calvaleigh Rasmussen & Kevin Hughes.

If you are seeking info about the story this description (snagged from the internet) is what (if I recall  correctly) was in Idries Shah’s Caravan of Dreams:

“When a number of people come together, and if these people are harmonized in a certain way, excluding some who make for disharmony – we have what we call an event. This is by no means what is generally understood in contemporary cultures as an event. For them, something which takes place and which impresses people by means by subjective impacts – is called an event. This is what some term a ‘lesser event’, because it takes place in the lesser world, that of human relationships easily produced, synthesized, commemorated.

The real event, of which the lesser event is a useful similitude (not more and no less) is that which belongs to the higher realm.

We cannot accurately render a higher event in stilted terrestrial representations and retain accuracy. Something of surpassing importance in a higher realm could not entirely be put in terms of literature, science, or drama, without loss of essential value. But certain tales, providing that they contain elements from the high-event area which may seem absurd, unlikely, improbable or even defective, can (together with the presence of certain people) communicate to the necessary area of the mind the higher event.

Why should it be valuable to do so? Because familiarity with the ‘higher event’, however produced, enables the individual’s mind to operate in the high realm.

The tale of Mushkil Gusha is an example. The very ‘lack of completeness’ in the events, the ‘untidiness’ of the theme, the absence of certain factors which we have come to expect in a story: these in this case are indications of the greater parallel.”

Could someone tell us about the story of Mushkil Gusha?  

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Wednesday Swap Meet! Happening now at

Hi yall! I’m looking forward to seeing folks at the virtual happy hour and the Fest Noz on Tuesday night. Oh that reminds me--gotta go stock up on some hard cider!  --Stu

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Camp 3 racers sing this song DOO DAAA, DOOO DAAA! Camp 3 road is a couple miles long ALLLL THE LARK CAMP DAY!!!


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How do we get Scott’s music notebook beyond just the first page? Thanks- Vicki Patterson

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