Friends Of Lark Camp

A project of the Martin T. and Rebecca A. Chaney Foundation
A 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit corporation
Mission: Lark Camp promotes worldwide understanding through music and dance.

Lark Camp provides an open forum for the exchange of creative ideas between musicians, singers, dancers and composers. The Lark Camp experience is enhanced by motivational instructors and inspired students, who also share their passions and skills with the rest of the participants.

The skills and ideas that come out of the event are not only important to the individuals but to the communities in which the participants live. It has been a constant theme to hear about the new events that get created, bands formed, sessions started, recordings created and important personal and community connections that happen from the inspiration of those attending Lark Camp.

Why Donate

To fund bringing additional high quality instructors to the camp that Lark Camp could not otherwise afford to fund. The event has limited resources for instructors and does not have the budget for such things as airfare and other higher level expenses. Donations can also be made towards Lark Camp expenses just to help make ends meet.

How To Donate

You are encouraged to send checks to:

Chaney Foundation
5802 298th Ave NE
Carnation, WA 98014
(425) 880-4220

Make all checks payable to:
"Chaney Foundation"

Please note on all checks that the donation is for: "Friends Of Lark Camp"

All donations made to "Friends Of Lark Camp" through the "Chaney Foundation" are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Please include our donation form or a letter.
You can download a donation Donation Form PDF or Donation Form DOC here.

What Lark Campers Say

"I had a musical break-through this year! Thanks to everyone who helped get me there." • Catherine O'Brien

"Just when you think Lark Camp can't get any better, it does." • Pamela Laughlin

"I'm still riding the magical high from this year's camp." • Ellen Collins

"I love the wide range of genres. It's as if time travel and space travel are possible at Lark camp. To walk from Ireland to the Greek Tent, then to Appalachia is really impressive." • Zoe Blank

"I love the freedom of Lark Camp, the beautiful woodlands, and the comraderie." • Izzy Martin

"I love lark camp even though it can be a little intense, I feel like the intensity, immersion and potential catharsis is part of the magic." • Rhianna Gallagher

"I love the diversity of the music and workshops offered. I also love the fact that anyone who has another idea can just organize it themselves if they want to! What a beautiful, organic way to celebrate everyone's talents." • Kristina Vaskys

"the community. jamming, redwoods, river, sunshine!" • Zander Ford

"The friendly, inclusive atmosphere. I wasn't afraid to try things." • Beth Carpel

"Lark Camp is an ideal environment to experiment and try new avenues of musical expression in a positive environment." • Joe Bly

"I want to say that Lark is such a very special thing. I would describe like this: As the days pass the tall trees, the music and the open faces work to loosen the baggage we all carry on our shoulders from being in the world. And then suddenly it happens, just like magic, one finds one's heart open wide and the tremendous beauty of the music, of the dear sweet people, of the woodlands comes rushing in. " • Kare Strong

"I very much appreciated the patient and continually positive instructors." • Laura Barrett

"the comradery, the friendship, the music, the gathering at the end of the day joining old friends and making new friends." • Robin McClish

"still reverberating from a week solid of music" • Catt Avery

"It's the closest thing we have to a Fleadh Cheoil here on the West Coast...", "For me, Lark Camp is like a train where a car is added each year. I got on board when there were only 2 cars. It has taken me a long way and has been a great Journey... and I look forward to many more cars being added" • Jack Gilder

"Lark Camp Video Blog" • Lisa Lynne
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Lark Camp now has people that have major roles at camp that originally came as young children. The generational aspect of Lark Camp that combines many age groups as a single community is one of it's greatest accomplishments. Lark Camp brings people of diverse backgrounds and cultures together in a mutual sharing.

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